Gen. mak. SLIVOVITZ 0,35l,52%

This genuine plum distilled beverage is of high quality and it is obtained from high quality fruit. Only perfectly developed and ripe fruits from our domestic plum provide our slivovitz with competitive features. Plums intended for the production of slivovitz are left on trees until completely ripe when they start shrinking at stems. The content of sugar in completely ripe fruits is much higher; the quantity of acids is reduced and fruits are also more aromatic.

Traditional technology of distillation results in high quality Makovice SLIVOVITZ Its exceptional flavour, smoothness and purity predestine it to be a royal beverage but mainly a beverage of interesting companies with cultivated taste. It is intended for unforgettable moments and to add splendor to festive ones.

EAN: 8588000994373
Objem: 0.35 l
Obsah alk.: 52.00 %
Balenie: 12 ks