Our company Vanapo s.r.o. is offering you varied sortiment of firtst-class consum and branded liquors , liqeuers and distillates, from which you can choose your favourites for any events of your life. 

For maintaining of high quality of our products and foolproof services we bestow great vehemence for high proficeincy of our employes.

Advantage of our products is high quality, balanced taste but first of all production without any chemical additions. For your pleasure we choose only the best components, begin from high quality deminera lized water and verydelicate wheat spiritus till nature flavours, macerats and essences.

All of our products are equiped with needed certification documents promoted by chemical analysis and many positive degustations.

Products of Vanapo Inc. are divided into five main lines:

  • Consum Vanapo – these are consum liquors manufactured by cold way. There you can appertain : Vodka Michal, Rossniak Pine Brandy, Fernet Vanapo, Napoleon Vanapo,Prima Tum, Vodka Galant or Gin Vanapo.
  • Royal Vanapo – these are liquors manufactured by special way for every kind of product. The main ingredient is purified delicated spiritus. There belongs: Harakiri liqueur, Carpathian tea, Vanapo Absinth, Gold Country Whisky and so on.
  • Distillates Vanapo – there belongs products of our fruit distillery, which are manufactured by distillation of fruits. There belongs : True Makovic Pear Brandy, True Makovic Plum Brandy, True Makovic Apricot Brandy .
  • Exclusive Vanapo – these are first-class trademarked liquors, which by their composition belongs to group of noble liquors. The root of these products are quality nature distillates, completed by several times filtered spiritus, nature flavours and water from mountain source Black Mountain. As present you can find a piece of dry fruit in the bottle.
  • Nip bottles – those are selected amples os our products in beautiful nip bottles. There you can find products from Royal lines and distillates.


Vision of our company is to be one of the best producers of liquors and traditional fruit distillates manufactured of nature products on Slovak market.



Enclosing of Vanapo Inc. is carry on in production of consum and trademarked liquors together with production of fruit distilates, assuring nonstop progress of our company by staying ahead enjoyment of our customers and sending the best products and services on wholesale market, including Slovak nad foreign markets. These activities are the reasons of our longtime prosperity, stabil business partnerships and growing of our efficiency.

Strategy, effort and destinations
We want:

  • strong pro-customer orientation with constantly improving quality of products and satisfaction of all sides of interest
  • orientation for middle level class of customers with high quality liquors and distillates with fair prices
  • create nad produce new products for our customers
  • permanently increasing capabilities of our company with competition on other companies on Slovak and foreign markets
  • maintaining our position on the martket
  • always looking for new markets
  • constantly growing our production with using only the best technology gear available
  • make and maintain good reputation with our business partner