Distillation of fruits is one of the first ways of spirits production. At the beginning it was used only for wine , but in the countries with lack of wine people tried other fruits. Of the used fruits the top place was taken by plums due to their sugariness and of course for their characterfull taste.

Production of plum brandy happened to be a kind of home industry. Home production was simple, but there was huge waste during production and quality of products was very diferent. For modern technology this cannot be satisfying, because the need of achieve as much of quality brandy as possible. This is not simple. It is craft, it is art, it is science, it is skill and it all together for the best and everlasting taste and quality of product.

This goals we achieve thanks to our traditional distillery technology, thanks to preparation zyme of quality fruits just like proceduress used for gentling tastes, colours and aromas coming from our best traditions. This is essence of our extraordinal quality which we maintain home and in foreign countries. Our makovic distillates are easy recognized for using specific round botltes just as the spiritousness 52%.